The Research Institute of the western financial development provides the intellectual support for the development of the financial control group.
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Shan Xi Jin Kong Capital management enterprise

Shaanxi's capital management enterprise (limited partnership), is subject to consent by the shaanxi provincial government, by the shaanxi's group co., ltd. and zhuhai hengqin long letter's capital management co., LTD., a joint venture fund management platform of shaanxi province.
Gold charged with registered capital 100 million yuan, of which gold investment accounted for 60%, control group long gold investment accounted for 40%, the control is long gold charged by gold control group in the past long-term cooperation of professional fund management team established institutions.
Fubon financial capital management decision-making body for: partnership affairs management committee, is composed of the control group and long gold charged to send, director of the gold chairman as control group, the ac decision's capital daily important matters.
Fubon financial capital management at the moment of shaanxi biomedical funds, high-end equipment fund of shaanxi province, shaanxi province new energy fund, clean energy fund is set up by the shaanxi province, shaanxi province energy conservation and environmental protection funds, the silk road in shaanxi province media and so on.
Its main function is: relying on shaanxi's group fund mixed ownership to set up the platform, platform for the professional management, fund management policy and market combination of platform.