The Research Institute of the western financial development provides the intellectual support for the development of the financial control group.
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Culture idea

As a company dedicated to through capital financial companies to promote the development of regions and enterprises, fubon financial capital in accordance with the following values:

This is our way of doing things. We will constantly to make our service level is higher; Constantly to make us stronger professional ability; Constantly to create wealth for shareholders and investors.

This is our work standards. We will be law-abiding and integrity, integrity, moral standard to guide our business. We emphasize on someone else's word, we cherish the team and staff, we use our own efforts to win the trust of customers.

The purpose of this is that we do things. We are well aware of the enterprise, enterprise, trading is behind, is the purpose of our efforts to let shareholders, investors, customers, employees, and more and more people of life more meaningful.